Get your minimum requirements prepared in order to apply online (recommended) or in person for®

Our stringent requirements for all our caregivers assures that all of our personnel are properly qualified and in compliance for their positions. This is fundamental to the reliability and quality of our agency, and it also ensures a better work environment for all our co-workers, which ensures happier Care Recipients, which ensures a better life for everyone. 

You will be able to fill out our basic application online on the next page after you gather some of the following basic minimum requirements and understanding of the processes.  You need to have your previous employment, education history and personal references handy.

We encourage you to come in and lets us help you register with California Department of Social Services. However you can do it online before you come in but either way it is required that all caregivers working in the home are classified as "Home Care Aides" (HCA) and are required to be registered with the California Department of Social Services (C.D.S.S ) to work for any Home Care Organization in the State of California and they charge a $35 registration fee.  

We are asking you at this time to register as an independent(If you have not already registered you will need to fill out their Criminal Background Clearance (Live Scan with the department of Justice) form and Transfer Request form that we will supply you and assist you with when you come in to finish the application process and interview.  You will then need to go to a live scan operator and have your fingerprints submitted for the background check required and requested by C.D.S.S. at a cost of $69-$85.  This is good for all agencies that you may work for and is required to finish your registration with C.D.S.S.

All Home Care Aides in California working through a Home Care Organization are required to have 5 hours of initial training (includes 2 hours of orientation) and yearly 5 hours of CEU's from the date of registering with the C.D.S.S. We will provide that to you at no additional cost if you have met all other requirements.

Our Agency's minimum document requirements are as follows:

You will be required to have all these items before you can come in for Orientation:

If you have all the above you will be set up for the Company Orientation which includes: interview, intake, and orientation.

Company orientation covers; processes, procedures, and expectations.  In the intake process you will be filling out the following forms:


The following is not required; however, we encourage bringing them in with you if you have them: Professional References, Letters of Recommendation, and any additional health care related schooling or training that you have completed. The more information available regarding your training and experience the higher your opportunity of being placed on a job.

When you have met all the minimum requirements listed above, please call one of our Care Coordinators to set up appointment for the Company Orientation - we look forward to hearing from you!! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: We use smartphone technology to make the movement of information instant and more efficient.  APC App is free to our caregivers and will allow you to instantly send care notes and time sheets, receive instant notifications of job openings, allow you to confirm schedules and provide your care recipient data needed to help you provide the best care you can give. Though not required, it is highly recommended that you have or obtain a smartphone so you can enjoy the convenience and benefits of our APC App system. 

If you meet these requirements then go to the next page and read

"How to Apply".

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