How to Apply

How to ApplyPlease keep in mind that we will not arrange an interview with you without our minimum requirements being met first; so, if you meet our minimum requirements (except background check and drug test) please continue.


  1. Application
  2. Skills Testing
  3. Background Check
  4. Reference Checks

Step One – Application, Interview & Photograph

Once you have all the minimum requirements you will be asked to come in to the office for an interview, to sign agreements, and to finalize documentation and finish the rest of the HR process. The application takes about 20 minutes to complete on average and is entirely in English - you may NOT have outside help completing the application. All supporting documentation should be submitted with the application.

When you come in for an interview you should be dressed as if you are going to work. The interview usually takes about 30-40 minutes. Also, if you have not given us a headshot image we will take one at this time or take it from your driver license.

After applying, if you need to have your background check completed, you will be given a form and instructions for completing the check. If you already have your background check completed, you can skip step three.

Step Two – Skills Testing

You will be tested in various areas based upon your skills, experience and training in alignment with the types of positions that you would like to be placed. Also, we encourage you to use the training videos and supportive training materials we provide. We provide these materials at our office at no cost to you (please call and make an appointment).

Step Three – Background Checks

Fill in the highlighted sections of the form we provide to you. On the instruction page is a list of some locations where you can get the background check done, and an Internet link to a much larger list if you need additional location options.

Choose the local location you prefer and take the form there. They will keep the original copy of the form and give you back the remaining two copies (one copy is for the agency).

You keep one of the remaining copies and give the other to us. This informs us that you have completed the background check and we can go online a few days later to retrieve the results of the check. You can mail, fax or deliver our copy to us anytime after you complete the background check.

Step Four – Reference Checks

We will verify the references you provided in your application. If we cannot reach one of your references, that means they are not verifiable and you must submit an additional reference for every unverifiable reference we receive.

If your background check and drug-test are clear, we can verify your references and all minimum requirements check out as complete, you will then be eligible for assignments.

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